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Reading Department Overview

Welcome to the Reading Department! Your decision to enroll in college marks a commitment to knowledge and growth, and we're here to guide you on this exciting journey of exploration and understanding. Whether you're an experienced scholar or new to higher education, our dedicated team is here to support you as we embark on this reading adventure together.

Your success as a college student depends on having the academic skills necessary to complete your college education. In the Reading department you can expand your vocabulary and develop the critical reading skills that are essential for college success.  

Reading Courses 

  • READ 010: Critical Reading
  • READ 101: Analytical Reading
  • READ 120: Reading Strategies
  • READ 301: Essentials of Reading
  • READ 567: Practical Reading

Reading Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Employ a variety of developmental skills to increase vocabulary
  • Apply literal, inferential and critical level comprehension skills successfully to text, fiction, and non-fiction material
  • Apply strategies useful in the study of fiction
  • Apply and adapt information literacy to academic research
  • Use and apply a variety of college foundation skills and study skills to individual situation
  • Perform basic computer skills

Department Contacts