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​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Facilities & Operations Department

 Facilities Department

The Facilities Department ensures a safe, effective and inspiring physical environment that supports and enhances teaching and learning at San Jose City College. We provide quality, professional and responsive custodial and grounds services to the college and visitors.


What Do Custodians Do?

San Jose City College Custodians clean over 500,000 square feet of space each day. This includes classrooms, offices, restrooms, laboratories, stairways, corridors, gymnasium, locker rooms, and common areas.
Custodians also:

    • Assist in emergency response (power outages, floods, etc.)
    • Move furniture and equipment
    • Set up facilities for non-classroom activities that enrich the college experience for our students, including student activities, board meetings, career fairs.
    • Set up and provide support for outside organizations who rent our facilities
    • Act as campus "ambassadors,” pointing lost students and teachers in the direction of their classrooms during those first weeks of every semester


What Do Groundskeepers Do? 

Our Grounds staff is responsible for planned improvements and routine maintenance of outdoor spaces including pruning, fertilizing, mowing, cleaning and keeping the grounds free of litter and graffiti.

Groundskeepers specialize in irrigation, chemical applications and tree maintenance. They take pride in tending the highly manicured lawns, perennial plantings and color variations that accent the campus creating a pleasing and safe environment.

Our Grounds team takes care of:

    • 60 acres
    • 13 parking lots, 2,005 parking spaces
    • Three sports fields
    • Landscaped acres
    • Landscaped islands with concrete curbs
    • Hundreds of trees and bushes
    • 250 garbage cans
    • Five entrance gates
    • Benches and picnic tables
    • Set up and support for outside organizations who rent our facilities
    • Serving as "ambassadors" pointing lost students and teachers in the direction of their classrooms during those first weeks of every semester
    • Pest management
    • Street sweeping
    • Horticultural
    • Landscape
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Tree and shrub maintenance
    • Plant and flower bed maintenance 

Employee Only - Facilities Access to SJCC Campus FormClick Here

Custodial & Grounds Service Request

All requests for Custodial or Grounds services should be requested through our work order Self Service System Portal, powered by TeamDynamix.

1.  Select Custodial or Grounds

2.  Select Create Request

3.  Fill out all the fields and provide any additional information associated        with your request

4.  Press Request

5.  You will receive a message "Request Created Successfully" and below         an Incident ID number.  

6.  You will receive an email from "SJECCD Services"  with a subject
     "TeamDynamix Incident Created"  this email will contain all the 
       information you entered.  

7.  To check the status of your ticket, select My Ticket which is at the
       bottom  of the email "To view this request, click My Ticket."  

8.  You can withdraw the request, add attachment, add a comment 
       and update your ticket

For assistance with the Self Service System Portal, please call the ITSS Help Desk at 408-270-6411 or send an email to ITSS.Helpdesk@sjeccd.edu           

​Definitions of priority choices

Emergency - Any condition which left unattended may cause bodily injury or property damage; unbearable environmental conditions in any occupied area; loss of electrical, heating/cooling or water/sewage service to a building or a major portion of a building; loss of essential services or equipment in housing unit areas. Please call the numbers listed at the top of this page for an emergency.

Urgent/Breakdown - Repair required within two working days to provide essential services, prevent excessive property damage, correct unsafe conditions and cover emergency conditions which are not severe enough to be classified as immediate emergency work requests.

Priority - Same as urgent/breakdown except repair required within three working days.

Routine - All other requests are classified as routine and will be completed as soon as scheduling constraints and availability of resources will allow.


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7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Joe Andrade

Facilities Manager

(408) 288-3159



Juan Murillo

Custodial Supervisor

(408) 288-3400​


Vanet Muraswky, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Coordinator

Vanet Murawsky

Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Coordinator

(408) 288-3701


Yesenia Ramirez, College Facilities Coordinator

Yesenia Ramirez

College Facilities Coordinator

(408) 288-3103


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