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Approval Process For Business Meeting/Events With Food

Before acquiring food for a campus event or function, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Business Meeting Meals Request Form
  2. Route the completed form to the manager that is sponsoring the event (unless the form is completed by the manager)
  3. Route the form to the President's office for approval
  4. President's office will return the form to the requestor
  5. Steps 1 – 4 need to be followed even if a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) has been established with a food vendor
  6. If expenses are expected to exceed $1,000 then a quote should be obtained and a requisition should be initiated

Important Note: President's approval is for the event. This does not indicate that the request will be funded by the President's Office. Funding is the responsibility of the requestor/manager.

Reimbursement Process or Payment for Food:

When the items are received, please follow the steps below:

  1. Gather all necessary documents for reimbursement or payment:
    1. Approved Business Meeting Meals Request Form
    2. Copy of Meeting Sign-in Sheet/ Outlook invite
    3. Copy of Agenda or Flyer (if applicable)
    4. Food Receipt/Invoice (itemized)
    5. GL Account (with the appropriate budget)
  2. Complete the appropriate reimbursement form:
    1. Request for Check, $50-$1,000 (payment to vendor or reimbursement to the employee)
    2. Petty Cash, less than $50  (reimbursement to the employee)
    3. Send the signed reimbursement form and supporting documents to Business Services for processing
  3. If a PO or BPO is established:
    1.  Send signed/approved invoice to Accounts Payable at
    2. All the documents listed in (1) above should be attached
  4. If the food was purchased on a procurement card:
    1. Attach all the documents listed in (1) above to the procurement report for the associated month to Business Services

Click here for Business Meals Request Form

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