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The FF&E team is here to assist the campus in acquiring instructional and non-instructional furniture, fixtures and equipment.  Requests can be submitted through the link provided here.

FF&E Request Form 


Movable furniture, fixtures or other equipment that have no permanent connection to the structure of a building or utilities.  Examples include (but not limited to) chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, rack, and shelf units, bookcases, whiteboards, exterior furniture, office machines, computers, audio and visual equipment, lab equipment, appliances, shop equipment, and electric carts. 

Supplies/consumable items are considered non-equipment items and therefore not included in FF&E.  This would include items that would be replaced frequently, easily broken or damaged.  These items would generally be replaced rather than repaired and individually cost less than $500.  

The FF&E team can assist you with the following: 

  • Procurement of FF&E items 

  • New furniture designs and installation

  • Old furniture disposal 


  1.  Identify need 

  2.  Contact your budget manager for approval and to include in the program review, if possible.  

  3. Complete FF&E request form

  4. The request is received, reviewed and assigned within 48 hours

  5. FF&E Coordinator will contact you to review your request within 48 hours 

 FF&E purchases may take between 2-12 months from initiation, depending on the scope of work.  Please plan accordingly.  


Can My Broken Furniture Be Replaced?

Yes, we are here to assist with broken furniture replacement.  We can look into filing a warranty claim and may have something (new or used) on hand that can be delivered quickly.   Keep in mind, we’ll need time to research the warranty and file a claim, or make a new purchase.  

I Am Not Happy With The Arrangement Of The Furniture In My Office, Can It Be Moved? 

No, new furniture installation has been designed and layout to meet ADA requirements and accessibility clearances.  Additional design services are not available. If you still require further assistance, please refer to your department dean.  

Can My Lighting, Carpet And/Or Blinds Be Replaced? 

If your building's lights or carpet are damaged and in need of a replacement or repair, please contact the maintenance department.  Upgrades to carpet and blinds are not completed individually. These would need to be completed as a whole building project.  Please make sure to include this request in your program review and budget justification.    

How Are Requests Prioritized? 

Requests are prioritized based on need, funding and available resources.  

My Classroom Is In Need Of An Upgrade Of Furniture And Technology. What Is The Process?  

Please contact your budget manager and have your request included in your Program Review.  The FF&E Team works with CTSS and the Finance Committee to receive all requests included in your department's Budget Justification Forms.s.  

Can I Request A Whiteboard Or Corkboard? 

The request should be included in the Program Review and Budget Justification Form.  If your need is urgent, you may submit a request and we can check our inventory.  If a new purchase is required and not in the Program Review and Budget Justification Form, it will need to be routed for approval and funding.  

What Should I Know Before I Submit An FF&E Request?  

The request should be routed through your department and included in your Program Review and Budget Justification Form.  
You must have approval from your Budget Manager 
You will need to know your funding source 
Be prepared to discuss and answer questions pertaining to the details of your request  
The FF&E team will need to verify funding and receive approval before the request can officially be added to a project list. 
 The request will be prioritized depending on workload and urgency.  
The procurement process is a lengthy process that can take months to complete, please plan accordingly.
If using bond please note that our bonds can't purchase supplies, maintenance, repairs, warranties or software.  


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