Basic Skills Initiative

Basic Skills Initiative


To assist Basic Skills and ESL students at SJCC to achieve levels of success by providing ongoing information and support to faculty, staff and administration based on best practices and research driven data. To meet this goal, the basic Skills Initiative Group shall meet on a regular basis to make recommendation to the Academic Senate related to the planning, implementation, assessment and funding of the projects and goals related to the Basic Skills Initiative on our campus.

The Basic Skills Initiative Committee reports directly to the SJCC Academic Senate.


The mission of San Jose City College is to effect social justice by  providing open and equitable access to quality education and programs that both challenge and prepare individuals for successful careers and active participation in a diverse, global society.

To fulfill our commitment to student learning and to assist students of all ages and backgrounds in achieving their education, employment, and life-long learning goals, we can offer the following:

  • Two year college degrees and certificates

  • Lower-division transfer and general education courses

  • Basic skills and English as a Second language instruction

  • Career and technology training

San Jose City College established 6 strategic goals in 2010. These goals are:

Goal 1: Promote Student Success

Goal 2: Expand Partnership with Our External Communities

Goal 3: Enhance Employee Development

Goal 4: Foster Cultural Competence

Goal 5: Increase Campus Safety

Goal 6: Expand Resource Development

GUIDING PRINCIPLES Committee members are expected to represent the best interests of the Basic Skills/ESL students within their disciplines, departments and/or divisions. From that initial point, members will then work in an open and collaborative environment toward consensus on recommendations that will serve the best interests of the Basic Skills/ESL student of our campus.

MEMBERSHIP 2 Faculty  - From each department/area related to Basic Skills/ESL (English, ESL, Reading, Math, Counseling, and Vocational)

VP Academic Affairs           

Deans  - From each department/area related to Basic Skills/ESL (Language Arts, Math, Counseling, and Applied Science)

Other faculty, staff, and administration concerned with issues related to our Basic Skills/ESL students are encouraged to join the committee. The Basic Skills Initiative Advisory Group members will elect the chair annually.


Agenda and minutes will be emailed to all members of the campus community at least 72 hours in advance of meetings.

Committee actions should be decided by consensus; however, in the rare instance of a vote, the final decision will be made by the majority vote, with a quorum of members present. For voting purposes only, each department/area will be limited to a total of two faculty votes; the VP of Academic Affairs and the dean will each have one vote. 

Only active members of the Basic Skills Initiative Advisory Group will be able to vote. An “active member” is defined as one that has attended at least 70% of the meetings over the course of the academic year.

Meeting Schedule

The BSI Committee meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 2:30-4:00pm in GE-205. The meeting  dates for Spring are as follows:

Feb 13, 2019
2:30-4:00 pm
Feb 27, 2019
2:30-4:00 pm​GE-205
Mar 13, 2019
2:30-4:00 pm​GE-205
Mar 27, 2019
2:30-4:00 pm​GE-205
Apr 10, 2019
2:30-4:00 pm​GE-205
Apr 24, 2019
May 8, 2019
​May 22, 2019
2:30-4:00pm GE-205

 All are welcome to attend.

The Committee Members:
  • Faculty Members: Patricia do Carmo, Jonathan Cronan, Marlise Edwards, Heather Jellison, Patricia Solano, Madhavi Sudarsana, Gabriela Rios
  • MSCC: Dr. Celia Cruz-Johnson
  • CSEA: Claudia Amador
  • Coordinator: Zerrin Erkal



Committee Composition

MSC Representatives

Celia Cruz-Johnson,
Language Arts Dean


​Faculty Representatives

Jonathan Cronan, HVAC

Marlise Edwards, English

Heather Jellison, ESL

Patricia do Carmo, ESL

Gabriela Rios, Mathematics

Patricia Solano, Mathematics

Madhavi Sudarsana, ECE

Zerrin Erkal, ESL, BSI Coordinator

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BSI Applications

​Project Application

BSI Project Proposal Application for Fall 2015.docx

Conference Funding Applications  


SJCC ​Conference Form

is available from Division Office.


Compilation of Spring 2016 BSI Committee Meeting Agendas and Notes.pdf


2013-2014 BSI Committee Agendas and Minutes

2012-2013 BSI Committee Agendas and Minutes

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