Diversity Advisory Committee

Diversity Advisory Committee


To celebrate and promote equity, diversity, inclusiveness, acceptance, mutual respect and support, civility and non-discrimination across all areas of campus/district’s programs and services including employment (recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion), curriculum, pedagogy, professional development, working and learning environments for student, faculty, staff and administrators of all backgrounds.

The Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) reports directly to the College Advisory Council (CAC).


Committee members are expected primarily to represent general  institutional interests rather than the interests of their disciplines, divisions, or special interests. Members will work in an open and objective process toward consensus on recommendations to serve the best interest of the college.

Responsibilities1. Review and respond to information about equity and non-discrimination for members of the college community.

2. Assist the district in developing, implementing, reviewing, and making recommendations regarding the ADA Plan, the Gender Equity Plan, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan to the president.

3. Promote cross-cultural understanding, appreciation, mutual support and respect for all members of the college community.

4. Seek support from related entities including the College Planning Council (CPC) on appropriate matters.

5. Work closely with Staff Development coordinators on training and development opportunities.


The membership shall represent the broad areas of instruction, including
transfer/general education programs, vocational programs, and basic  skills/ESL programs, and student services. The Diversity Advisory Committee shall be diverse and include members of all historically underrepresented groups whenever possible, consisting of the following:

3 Faculty appointed by the Academic Senate

3 Classified appointed by the California School Employees Association (CSEA)

2 Students appointed by Associated Students Government

2 Administrators appointed by the President and Managers, Supervisors, and Confidential (MSC)

Director of Employment Services & Diversity (non-voting resource)

Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator (non-voting resource)

Title IX Coordinator (non-voting resource)

The Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) members will annually elect the chair, the vice chair, and a recorder. The members will have staggered two-year terms for committee continuity. Any change to the charge shall be discussed at one meeting and be voted upon at the following meeting.


  • Agendas and minutes shall be posted in an electronic folder and available 72 hours in advance and at the meetings.
  • Committee actions should reflect a majority vote by a quorum of the members. 50% plus 1
  • Meetings will be held on a monthly basis throughout the academic year.
  • Meetings are open to all members of the college community.





Teresa Paiz

Rene Alvarez (co-chair)

William Garcia


Charles Heimler 

Huimin McKinlay 

Jennifer Nestojko


Joell Serrano 

Stacy Messenger 

Brittany Rubio 

Tiffany Rodriguez Tran


Robert Andrade


William Garcia (Title IX Coordinator)  

Sam Ho (Director, District Community Relations and Diversity)

Eliazer Ayala Austin (ADA Coordinator) 

Archived Documents

Please contact Jennifer Nestojko for archived agendas.

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