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Program Review


Program Review is at the heart of integrated planning at San Jose City College.  As a key component of the integrated planning and resource allocation model, Program Reviews provide systematic, data-driven information that  allows the College to examine the overall effectiveness of the institution. 

The Program Review process is designed to provide academic, student, and administrative areas the opportunity for review and assessment in relation to the College’s mission, vision, values and performance indicators.  Moreover, the purpose is to ensure appropriate resources are being allocated to facilitate ongoing improvement in meeting the evolving learning needs of our students and community.

The Program Review Committee (PRvC) reports directly to the SJCC Academic Senate.


The Program Review Committee PRvC is charged with the following:

  • Facilitate the integrated strategic planning by developing a timeline and streamlining the program review process.  
  • Provide guidance and support to the College in the use of program review materials and the process of program reviews. 

  • Annually evaluate the effectiveness of the program review process as well as policies and procedures related to program review, recommend and execute improvements and revisions as appropriate and as needed.  

  • Annually report to the College Advisory Council and the Academic Senate regarding Committee findings and activities. 


Program Review Cycle

As a key component to SJCC’s Integrated Planning Process, all instructional, student, and administrative areas are required to go through the Comprehensive Program Review cycle.  This cycle constitutes four years and is marked by Annual Program Reviews and a larger Comprehensive Program Review in the fourth year.  

​​Program Review Month

Program Review Task

Important Dates (F23 - S24)

Late August

Program Review Templates ready in eLumen



Program Review Training & Presentations

Program Coordinators working on program reviews

09/22 (Fri) Program Review Newsletter


Program Review Training & Presentations

Program Coordinators working on program reviews

October 31, 2023 (Tue) - ALL program reviews (budget requests if applicable) DUE



Program reviews and budget requests (if applicable) reviewed/prioritized by managers then by VPs



VPs' budget priorities to Finance Committee



CA Governor's proposed budget (external)



Budget priorities reviewed by Finance Committee 

Budget priorities reviewed by Technology & Facilities Committees



Budget presented by Finance Committee to consitituency groups and CAC

03/22 (Fri) Program Review Newsletter


Budget requests reviewed by the President



Program Review Committee working on self-evaluation


Membership & Composition

Committee members are expected to represent general institutional interest beyond the interests of their disciplines, divisions, or special interests. The faculty members should represent a variety of departments across the campus. The Program Review Committee will consist of the following: 

Membership Composition
  • 1-2 Chair or Co-Chairs
  • 2-4 faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 2-4 Classified appointed by the Classified Senate
  • 2-4 Administrators or Supervisors appointed by the College President
  • 1-2 Student(s)

MSC: Saloshni Chand, Dr. Joyce Lui (Co-Chair), JoAnn McGowan, Teresa Paiz

Ex-Officio: Dr. Maniphone Dickerson, Dr. J Edward Stevenson

Faculty: Dr. Huimin McKinlay (Co-Chair), Dr. Avid Farhoodfar

Classified: Debonlina Das, Cairah Lee

Student: (Vacant)


  • Agendas and minutes shall be posted and available. 
  • Committee actions should reflect a majority vote by quorum of the members.
  • Meetings will be held at least on a monthly basis throughout the academic year (Fall & Spring).
  • Meetings are open to all members of the college community.

Committee Meetings

Location: Per College Advisory Council, (HyFlex) Committee Meetings (Zoom link) will be held in Room L-114 with option of Zoom meeting with prior arrangement with the Program Review Coordinator(s). 

Times & Dates: 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm; 1st and 3rd Thr of the month unless otherwise announced; 09/07, 09/21, 10/05, 10/19, 11/02 (Cancelled), 11/16 , 12/07 (Cancelled) (2023), 02/01 (Cancelled), 02/15, 03/07, 03/21, 04/18, 05/02 05/16 (Cancelled) (2024)

Contact Us

For questions related to Program Review, please contact the current Program Review Coordinator(s)

Resources and Links

College Resources Program Review Training Program Review Docs Budget Requests
SJCC College Wide Plans eLumen Canvas Course Shell for SLO/Program Review Training (Contact the Program Review Coordinator for Access)


Program Review Newsletter (Mar 2024) (PDF; SharePoint)

Budget Request Form (F23-S24) (Excel; SharePoint)
SJCC Program Review Data Packets (F23-S24) (SharePoint) Program Review Template Tutorial (F23-S24) (PDF; SharePoint) Program Reviews (2023-24) (PDF; One Drive)  Budget Request Tutorial (YouTube Video)
SJCC Program Review Awards Transfers Data (F23-S24) (SharePoint) Program Review Template Tutorial for Collaborators (F23-S24) (YouTube Video) Program Review Newsletter (Sept 2023) (PDF; SharePoint)  
  Program Review Template Tutorial for Reviewers (F23-S24) (YouTube Video) Program Reviews (2022-2023) (PDF; SharePoint)