Guided Pathways

Principles of Guided Pathways

The Guided Pathways Model creates a highly structured approach to student success that:

  • Provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns that promotes better enrollment decisions and prepares students for future success.​
  • Integrates support services in ways that make it easier for students to get the help they need during every step of their community college experience.​

Four Pillars of Guided Pathways

  1. Create clear curricular pathways to employment and further education.​
  2. Help students choose and enter their pathway​.
  3. Help students stay on their path.
  4. Ensure that learning is happening with intentional outcomes.​

Key Elements of Guided Pathways​​

  • Structured onboarding processes including improved placement tests ​​and co-requisite instruction that provide students with clear, actionable, and usable information they need to get off to the right start in college.​
  • Redesigning and integrating basic skills/developmental education classes to accelerate students to college-level classes.
  • Programs that are fully mapp​​ed out and aligned with further education and career advancement while also providing ​structured or guided exploration for undecided students.
  • Proactive academic and career advising from the start through completion and/or transfer, with assigned point of contact at each stage.
  • Responsive student tracking systems aligned with interventions and resources to help students stay on the pathway, persist, and progress.
  • Instructional support and co-curricular activities aligned with classroom learning and career interests.


Internal ​Resources

​​San Jose City College - Guided Pathways Final.pdf​​​Outline of SJCC Guided Pathways Work Plan.pdfCross Functional _GP_ Logic Model Draft 1.pdfIntersegmental _GP_ Logic Model Draft 1.pdfBasic Skills_GP_ Logic Model Draft 1.pdfGP PowerPoint Presentation.pptx​Through the Gate Transfer Study​​​​​SJCC Guided Pathways Orientation_v2.pptx
GP PDD 8_31_18.pptx
GP Values and Design Principles.docx

External ​Resources

​​​​Principles of Guided Pathways.pdf​​Guided Pathways Resource Center​
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What is the Guided Pathways Model? white paper​Salary Surfer​Guided_Pathways_Total_Allocation.pdfCurriculum Institute 2018Education Advisory BoardCalifornia Guided Pathways

Meta-Major Information

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National Center for Inquiry and ​Improvement

​​NCII website​NCII A2I2 Visit 2b Observations - Next Steps - San Jose City - 021518.docxNCII A2I2 Workgroup Considerations - January 2018 FInal.docx

eLumen Links

​​eLumen website

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Work Groups

Join a work group

Curren​tly​​, there are three work groups t​hat correspond to the three elements to be addressed during the spring 2018 - summer 2019 timeframe. They are:  


College constituents (including staff, faculty across disciplines and counselors, administrators, and students) examine research and local data on student success and discuss overarching strategies to improve student success. College engages in broad, deep and inclusive discussion and inquiry about the Guided Pathways approach, framework and evidence.​


College engages in systematic coordination with K-12, four-year institutions and industry partners to inform program requirements.​


​​College is implementing evidence-based practices to increase access and success in college and/or transfer-level math and English.​
Click the link below to access more information about the work groups and what is expected from participants:GP Workgroup Formation and FAQs.pdf​

Click the link below to access the sign-up form for the work groups:Work Group Sign-up Form​


Questions and Answers 

Curren​tly​​, there are three work groups t​hat correspond to the three elements to be addressed during the spring 2018 - summer 2019 timeframe. They are:  



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