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The Latino Education Association (L.E.A.) of San Jose City College serves as an advocacy organization for our Latino community. 

Strives to support social justice and equity for Latina/o employees and to advance their leadership potential and success at San Jose City College.

    •  Supports Latina/o students through scholarships and other programs.
    • Committed to promoting the Latino culture through its sponsorship of campus and other community events. 
    • Involves itself in the educational progress and success of Latina/o students by organizing cultural and educational events, such as Latino Heritage Month, Día de Los Muertos, and La Raza Commencement.                                                                                                         
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LEA Constitution

The Latino Education Association would like to invite you to become a member of LEA. As many of you know, LEA supports SJCC students through scholarships and other programs.

Among LEA’s activities during the year are La Raza Commencement, Latino Heritage Month, Día de Los Muertos, and its scholarship program.

You don’t have to be Latina/o to become a member of the LEA familia. Attached you will find a volunteer contribution form to become a dues-paying member. LEA membership dues are $10 per month for classified employees and $15 for certificated employees. However, you are welcome to contribute more if you’d like. The dues help fund the programs mentioned above. 
Thank you for supporting LEA.


La Raza Commencement is an opportunity for students and their familias to share this joyous event in a bilingual/bicultural ceremony.  L.E.A. annually hosts a specialized commencement to honor the achievements of students transferring, completing their certificate, or attaining their associate degree.

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 Xiomara Martinez, Co-Chair

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