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Carol Easter

Carol Easter


Digital Media Arts, & Arts


Prof. Carol Easter is a Bay Area-based Animator and Artist with a deep passion for teaching. She is an Illustrator, who embraces both traditional and digital media. Her primary background is in Animation, and she loves bringing concepts and ideas to fruition through her design skills. Prof. Easter likes to explore and experiment in many different mediums, bridging her wide range of knowledge in art. Over the years, Prof. Easter has worked as a professional Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist and Compositor. 

At SJCC Prof. Easter teaches both Media Arts courses and Art courses, utilizing her expertise on both sides of the aisle. She shares her passion in creative arts and champions career related opportunities for our students through projects and club activities. Her educational background coupled with her life-long love of art, history, and film continue to be an inspiration to her work. Some of her favorite themes are retro-futurism, teamwork, and self-reflection. 

In 2008 she earned a BA in Animation from Loyola Marymount University, LA. During her time at LMU, she acquired a summer internship at Cartoon Network Studios. In May 2011, Prof. Easter graduated with an MFA in Visual Development from the Academy of Art of San Francisco.


  • Expertise: 2D Animation, Illustration, Traditional Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Print Media
  • Projects: Director“Hugs for the Soul” Documentary, Creator“Rush and the Rockets” Film Short, Art Director and Story Artist, “Queen of Heaven” Artbook
  • Website: