Student Learning Outcomes


(Renamed by Academic Senate  on 10/2015​; previously referred to as ISLOs)​


Students will communicate effectively including reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Critical and Analytical Thinking

Students will analyze problems using evidence and sound reasoning to make decisions.

Global Awareness and Social Justice

Students will demonstrate an awareness of social, economic, ecological, historical, and cultural differences and their implications.


Personal Responsibility, Ethics and Civility

Students will demonstrate personal and civic responsibility and professional integrity.


Students will utilize technology effectively for informational, academic, personal, and professional needs.


Aesthetics and Creativity

Students will develop an appreciation of the arts and engage in the creative process.


Proposed Assessment Cycle (Timeline) (2015-2020)

GE SLO & Proposed Assessment Dates (Prepared by SLOAC Fall 2015)

Communication: Fall 2015 & Fall 2017

Critical & Analytical Thinking: Spring 2016 & Spring 2018

Global Awareness & Social Justice: Fall 2016 & Fall 2018

Technology: Spring 2017 & Fall 2018

Personal Responsibility, Ethics & Civility: Fall 2017 & Fall 2019

Aesthetics & Creativity: Spring 2018 & Spring 2020

Note: The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) was administered in Spring 2016. The data generated from this survey will be used as the  GESLO  assessment for Spring 2016.

CCSSE Summary Results

2016 CCSSE SJCC Key Findings Summary Feb 2017.pdf

PDF DocumentFinal SJCC 2016 GE CCSSE Summary Results April 2017.pdf

GESLOs  (formerly ISLOs) Assessment Results

​​​GE SLO Communication Assessment Fall 2015.pdf

ISLO3_May 2015 Assessment Report, July 2015, V1.docx

ISLO Comm _2 Critical and Analytical Thinking Data from Spring 2013 CCSSE.pdf

ISLO Technology, 5 and Aesthetics and Creativity, 6 Student_Assessment_Dec_2011.pdf

ISLO Combined Results for Fa 10 Sp 11 Fa 12 Sp 12 Sp 13 Sp 15.pdf

​​​Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLO)

The current course level SLOs are accessible through intranet or D/O Data Warehouse and can be viewed in Section 9 of each course outline. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at extension 3110 for additional information on course outlines.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLO)

Below is a list of the current instructional and non-instructional programs, program level SLOs. They are available for download below for your convenience.

​SLO Handboo​k

SLOA Handbook V2, May 2016



Below are the reports and correspondence with the Accrediting Commission concerning SJCC reporting on SLO assessments and results.



Below are assessment tools with general information about assessment methods, including creating rubrics and sample surveys

How to Report​

​    ​Resources​​​

Blooms Taxonomy For SLOsThis presents Bloom’s Taxonomy (original 1950’s, Revised 1990’s). The key verbs in each category, including additional digital verbs are explained. Many of these verbs are excellent for use in writing course or program SLOs.

Guiding Principles of SLO Assessment

This link contains a handout prepared by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges on “The Guiding Principles of SLO Assessment.” This is a practice guide for community college faculty to understand both the rationale behind Student Learning Outcome assessment and to understand good practices in Student Learning Outcome Assessment.

SLO Glossary
This is a glossary arrived at from research and feedback from faculty and researchers of the California community colleges. This publication (2010) comes out of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges office. Although meant to address the confusion in the field in the use of common terms for student learning outcomes and assessment, the glossary is not definitive.


Retreat on Student Learning and Assessment, Level I
This is a 236-page packet that contains all the handouts and resources distributed at a two-day workshop sponsored by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), September 2009.

S​LO Slide Presentation PDD, August 30, 2012
This is the set of slides used during the presentation of the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) on PDD, Aug. 30, 2012. 

SLO Slide Presentation PDD, January 28, 2011
This is the set of slides used during the presentation of the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) on PDD, Jan. 28, 2011.

SLO Slide Presentation PDD, September 1, 2011
This is the set of slides used during the presentation of the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (SLOAC) on PDD, Sept. 1 2011.
Short List of Verbs of Cognition
This is a short list of verbs that show cognitive outcomes



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