High School



At San Jose City College, your high school transcript and GPA are all you need to get started

in the English and Math courses that are right for you. 

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*ESL courses may still require a placement test.

Say goodbye to placement tests! We see you. You're brilliant.

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We have the programs to get your college ccareer started before you graduate.

Need Help?

Contact Admissions & Records!

New and returning high school students must complete the following steps to register for class:

  1. Apply for admission to SJCC via CCC Apply
  2. Submit an R-40 form, complete with all signatures, to Admissions & Records at sjcc.admissions@sjcc.edu before you register for classes
  3.  All High School students will register via MYWEB (myweb.sjeccd.edu)


  • High School students are not charged for enrollment of less than full-time

  • If high school students attend full-time or more, they will be responsible for enrollment fees for the entire term

      • Fall and Spring semesters full-time is 12 units or more

      • Summer session up to 11.5 units (over 7 units requires excess unit approval from the counseling dept.)

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