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Thank you for considering San Jose City College to continue your education in the U.S. We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is there another way to apply?

If you are having trouble with the online application please contact us. If you prefer, you can download and complete the fillable PDF version of the application. Submit the application and all supporting documents to internationalprogram@sjcc.edu

Do I need official Transcripts?

Yes, San Jose City College requires students to submit Official English detailed translations of all secondary and post-secondary transcripts. We recommend using an accredited translation agency. You may submit unofficial transcripts for initial admissions review but you will be required to submit official transcripts as soon as possible.

What English exams do you accept?

San Jose City College accepts the following English exams:

TOEFL - School Code: 4686 Dept. Code: 00, Minimum Score 61iBT/500 paper

IELTS - Academic Module Minimum Band Score: 5.5

STEP-EIKEN - Minimum Score: 2A

PTE Academic Test - Minimum Score: 42

Duolingo Minimum Overall Score: 90

What is the original bank certification letter?

The Original Bank Certification Letter is a bank statement or bank letter from you or your sponsor indicating the required funds in U.S. Dollars. For the 2021-2022 academic year $22,519 minimum is required.

Funds must be in a liquid asset, for example, a checking or savings account. Retirement, investment, pension, stocks, and bonds are not acceptable. The name of the bank account holder must match the name and signature on the Confidential Financial Certification form.

How do i submit my supporting documents?

Documents can be submitted electronically within the online application or via email.

Please clearly name all files in the following format:

Last Name, First Name_Document Name


  • Smith, August_Passport.jpg
  • Smith, August_Visa.pdf
  • Smith, August_I-20.pdf
  • Smith, August_Bank Statement.pdf
  • Smith, August_Statement of Purpose.doc

If you cannot submit your documents within the online application email documents to internationalprogram@sjcc.edu.

Documents should be submitted in English. If your educational transcripts are in your native language, please provide a certified translation of your documents. We recommend using an accredited translation agency.

How do I scan my documents?

If you do not have your documents in electronic format, the first step in this is to scan your documents. If you do not have access to a scanner and a computer with an internet connection at home, you can find this type of equipment at libraries, community centers, Internet cafés, and copy shops. If you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you can download a free software apps like ADOBE Scan.

Tips for Scanning with a Smartphone:

  • Lay the document flat with a dark background. Make sure there are no wrinkles in your document.
  • Take the picture in a well-lit room. You can use direct sunlight to help.
  • Make sure your phone is not creating a shadow over the document.
  • When you are taking the photo, fill the screen with the paper without cutting off any of the document. You can use the crop tool to help remove unnecessary background.
  • Save your scan as a PDF with an easy to understand file name for submission.

File Size and Types

Documents should be submitted individually. Do not combine the documents into one large file. The maximum file size is 10MB. If your file is too large, compress it before uploading it.

Acceptable file types include .pdf, .doc, .ppg, .jpeg, and .png.

Clear text  

All the information in your document must be easily readable and no parts of the document can be cut off. Make sure the document is correctly oriented so it can be read without having to rotate the document. If you cannot read the document, please re-scan it at a higher resolution.

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