Campus Orientation

Campus Orientation

Congratulations on your admissions to San Jose City College!  We are pleased that you will be continuing your educational journey at San Jose City College!

NOTE* You are required to complete online first and then in-person orientation, both are a requirement for an international student at SJCC!

How to Set Up MyWeb Account

Please follow the processes below to set up your account and register for classes. Please contact us if you have any problems signing up for classes. Remember you can sign up for classes that do not require a prerequisite. New students will be required to take a Math and English placement test on arrival to sign up for Math and English courses.
  • Go to
  • On the right side of the MyWeb Information Center, click on Log In
  • Then on the login page, enter your User ID and Password
  • Your User ID is the first two letters of your first name followed by the first two letters of your last name followed by the last four digits of your student i.d. #
exp. My name is Doriann Tran and my student i.d. # is 0758435

For my User ID I would enter: dotr8435

  •  Your Password would be your 6-digit birthdate starting with 2-digit month, 2-digit day, and 2-digit year
exp. My birthdate is September 15, 1998

For my password, I would enter: 091598

  •  Once you’re logged in, click on the Student menu

How to Register for Classes Online

• Log in to your MyWeb account
• Click on Student menu
• On the right side of the screen, under Registration, click on Register for Sections, then click on
Search for Sections to Register
• Then it will ask you to choose a term, select term you are attending
For Location, select San Jose City College
Then under Choose Subject, choose a subject you are interested in
If you have a course number (usually 3 digit number sometimes followed by a letter), you can enter it. If not, you can leave blank
exp. Subject: History Course Number: 017a
• You will be given a Section Selection Results listing classes that are open, waitlisted, or closed.
Look at the Available/Capacity/Waitlist. If there is a waitlist, it will show how many students are on the waitlist. If your class has more than 5-7 people on the waitlist, we recommend you sign up for another class and not add to the waitlist.

• On the left side, click on the course you want, then Submit. You will then be taken to the Register and Drop Section screen. Under Action, click on Register if a class is open OR Waitlist if the class is in a waitlist, then click Submit.

We will readjust your schedule after arrival/assessment or you may contact the International Student Program prior for recommendations for your major area of study. We will help guide you through the registration process.   

If you have not taken English and Math classes at a U.S. college

*English and Math Placement Tests are no longer mandatory.
You may take the Self-Guided Placement:
You may now sign up for your assessment appointment online by visiting – please include your student ID number and mention that you are an international student. 

International Student Orientation in-person

Please arrive early to make sure that we start on time. This is a mandatory orientation as we will be going over important information regarding your international student status, and you must attend the whole session to count towards priority registration. Lunch will be served. If you have not given us a copy of your Visa, Passport, and I-94 in the application you sent (for students from their home country), please bring them so I can have a copy for your file. Also, wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking through campus on that day. If you are arriving by car, you can find free parking on the street or purchase a parking pass in the student lots for $3.

 MMR/TB Immunization Clearance

International students are required to have proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR). This may be in form of proof of vaccination with MMR vaccine or a blood test (titer) that confirms immunity. Proof of immunity (in English) can be submitted if you recieved these vaccinations in your home country. One dose of MMR is adequate for an adult. Students that are in the health care provider fields are at a higher risk and need documentation of two doses.

Tuberculosis (TB) clearance is also required and can be assessed through a skin test or a blood test. (The blood test is recommended by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department for clients with a history of the BCG vaccine). Note, TB clearance can only be accpeted if conducted within the last year.

TB tests are FREE. TB Blood test, MMR vaccine and MMR titer can be obtained for a fee through the Student Health Services at SJCC. The fees can be reimbursed through filing a claim with the international health insurance provided by the International Student Program.

Tuition & Fees

International students are ineligible to enroll in a payment plan, as your fees must be paid in order to be registered on SEVIS and obtain your “Continued Attendance I-20.”


We will give you your I-20’s after the semester starts, as we will need to register students on SEVIS after the start date and verify tuition has been paid and you have submitted all required documents. If you need your I-20 for an emergency or Driver’s License, you can pick up a temporary I-20 before the start of the semester from the office.

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