Noncredit Education

Noncredit Courses

Are you familiar with noncredit courses? If not, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to get great education for free! 

California's community colleges offer noncredit courses to students at no cost. The noncredit courses fall under the following categories: 

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) 
  • Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills 
  • Short-term Vocational 
  • Workforce Preparation  

At San Jose City College, we offer a variety of noncredit courses, including highly successful, short-term vocational courses such as our Medical Assisting MA 500A, 500B, and 501.

We are delighted to support our students in making the transition from noncredit, to credit, to employment!

All Noncredit courses are listed in the 500 number series for example APE 500 and ESL 500. 

Summer 2022 Course Schedule

Fall 2022 Course Schedule

To view course descriptions, please take a look at out Course Catalog

Adapted Physical Education (APE)APE 500 - Adapted Body Conditioning APE 501 - Adapted Low-Impact Swimming for Health

Computer Applications (CA)

CA 500 - Getting Started With MacIntosh MacOs

Computer Information Systems (CIS)CIS 500 - Troubleshooting and Repairing iOS/Iphone and Android Mobile Devices

Construction Technology (CNSTR)

CNSTR 500 - Building Trades Apprenticeship 1

CNSTR 501 - Building Trades Apprenticeship 2

CNSTR 502 -  Building Trades Apprenticeship 3 

Education (EDUC)

EDUC 590 - Leadership in Small-Group Peer-Assisted Learning

EDUC 591 - Pedagogies/Best Practices in Small-Group Peer-Assisted Learning

EDUC 592 - Learning Strategies in Small-Group Peer Assisted Learning

English as a Second Language (ESL)

For information about our English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, please visit the ESL website.
ESL 500 - ESL in the Health Care Setting

ESL 508 - ESL Skills Lab

ESL 510 - ESL for Computers and Computing 

ESL 522 - Paragraph Development

ESL 523 - Reading and Vocabulary Development

ESL 524 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking Skills

ESL 531 - Intermediate-Low Listening/Speaking

ESL 532 - Intermediate-Low Reading and Writing

ESL 541 - Grammar for Writers 1

ESL 542 - Grammar for Writers 2

ESL 550 - ESL for the Workplace

Guidance (GUIDE)

GUIDE 502 - Reading Skills for Everyday Life

GUIDE 504 - Writing Skills for Everyday Life

GUIDE 508 - Math Skills for Everyday Life

GUIDE 515 - Computer Assisted Instruction

GUIDE 519 - Orientation to College for Students with Limitations

GUIDE 520 - Self-Development & Career Exploration

GUIDE 550 - Adaptive Technology and Microsoft Office

GUIDE 551 - Computerized Job Readiness Skills

Health and Science (HSCI)

HSCI 500 - Covid-19 Contact Tracing

HSCI 501 - Infectious Disease Case Investigator 

HSCI 502 - Work Place Safety - Infectious Disease

Laser Technology (Laser)

Laser 500 - Introduction to Laser Technology

Learning Skills (LS)

LS 590 - Leadership in Small-Group Peer-Assisted Learning

LS 591 - Pedagogies/Best/Practices in Small-Group Peer Assisted Learning

LS 592 - Learning Strategies in Small-Group Peer-Assisted Learning

Mathematics (MATH)MATH 501 - Review of Common Core Integrated Mathematics IMATH 502 - Review of Common Core Integrated Mathematics IIMATH 503 - Review of Common Core Integrated Mathematics IIIMATH 512 - Prealgebra

MATH 521 - Math for Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting (MA)

Visit our Medical Assisting website for more information in our Medical Assisting Programs. MA 500A - Fundamentals of Medical Terminology I 

MA 500B - Fundamentals of Medical Terminology II

MA 501 - Introduction to Healthcare Professions

MA 502 - Fundamentals of Health Navigation

MA 503 - Medical Law and Ethics

MA 504 - Introduction to Health and Wellness

MA 505 - Professionalism in Healthcare

Reading (READ)

READ 567 - Practical Reading

Noncredit Education - FAQs

Are noncredit Courses Free?

Yes, Noncredit courses are free!

Do Noncredit courses count towards my GPA?

No, Noncredit courses do not count towards student's GPA. 

Can I opt out of the Student representation fee?

Yes, students can Opt out of the Student representation fee, please follow the steps on how todecline charges.

What is Open Enrollment?

Students can enroll in non-credit courses during the first half of the semester as long as there are seats available in the class. 

Summer and Fall 2022 Noncredit Healthcare Courses

Certificates of Completion and Competency

San Jose City College currently offers two Noncredit Certificates of Completion and one Certificate of Competency: 

Community Health worker NoncreditCommunity Health Worker program allows students the opportunity to get the skills essential for the safe and effective movement of a patient across the care continuum, improved self-management of patient care, and enhanced patient-practitioner communication.

ESL in career and college - Intermediate The ESL Certificate of Competency will prepare students to progress in a career path or to undertake degree-applicable or non-degree-applicable credit courses. 

Medical Career Preparation

The Medical Career Preparation certificate prepares students to begin their studies towards a healthcare career. 

South Bay Consortium for Adult Education (SBCAE)

San Jose City College is one of the members of the SBCAE that collaborate to build career pathways for adult learners to sustain better earnings while living in the one of the nation's highest cost-of-living areas. Along with dedicated faculty, staff, and community partners, SJCC is committed to helping adults with lower basic skills to join certificate programs by blending focused on skills development, and Bridge programs leading to jobs with family-sustaining wages. 

SBCAE logo

Members of the SBCAE consists of the following two community college districts and five adult school districts: San Jose City CollegeEvergreen Valley College, Center for Economic Mobility, Mission College, West Valley College, Campbell Adult and Community Education, East Side Adult Education, Milpitas Adult Education, Santa Clara Adult Education, and Silicon Valley Adult Education

Getting started

1. Submit your Noncredit Application:

To sign up for Noncredit courses, students need to submit the Noncredit application one of two ways:

Submit the PDF application to Admissions and Records (A&R) in person or by emailing the form to:

3. Complete Online Orientation

4. Meet with a Counselor
Schedule an appointment with one of our CE/Noncredit counselors: 
Call (408) 288-3750

5. Register for Classes
Students can register in person at Admissions and Records or online via MyWeb.

6. Attend and Enjoy your classes!

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MyWeb will be phased out on June 10th. 

All students should be using Self-Service for Registration.

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