Transfer Admission Agreements / Guarantees

​​​​​​Transfer Admission Agreements / Guarantees

Plan Your Transfer to University of California

​​​​San José City College and 10 participating four-year institutions are offering a Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) or Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) to students planning to transfer to four-year colleges / universities. The TAA/TAG program is designed for students who wish to have an early confirmed guaranteed admission.


UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Application Deadline:

 September 30 (typically)


To apply, log onto UC's Transfer Admission Planner

More information about​ University of California (UC):

TAG specific requirements and Guaranteed Admission

Why should students transfer through the TAA/TAG Program?

    • Early confirmed guaranteed admission
    • Eligibility to participate in transfer-related workshops (e.g. insight questions)
    • Notification of any information relating to transfer
    • Additional advising support services
    • Possible waiver of application fee
    • TAG/TAA filing period 


Participating TAA Institutions

Participating TAG Institutions

Golden Gate University

UC Davis

National University

UC Irvine

Santa Clara University

UC Merced

University of Pacific

UC Riverside


UC Santa Barbara


UC Santa Cruz

Please note: Students may only apply for one (1) UC TAG

In addition to the TAA/TAG program, San José City College offers transfer course/major agreements with many other University of California, California State University, and private/independent institutions. 

Please check the Articulation Page for other agreements.

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