Work at the LRC

If you are interested in working in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), we employ tutors, assistants, instructors, and volunteers. Please review the position profiles and requirements below. Follow the application link(s) for the position(s) that interest you.

Peer Tutors

At a minimum, peer tutors must be reliable and responsible individuals, with strong communication skills, and considerable expertise (A or B grades) in at least one of the following subject areas or courses: math 25 or higher, statistics, English 1A or higher, ESL 91, physics 4A, chemistry 1A, biology, accounting 20 or 21, psychology, sociology, foreign languages, computer science, business.

Peer tutors must:

  • be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units (at SJCC and/or EVC)
  • be recommended by at least one instructor
  • take and pass with a B or above the 1-credit course LS 90: Directed Tutoring Experience. This is a hybrid, zero-textbook-cost (ZTC) course that meets in the LRC from 12 to 3 pm on the first Friday of each semester and online thereafter.

Benefits include: flexible scheduling, opportunities to learn and grow within a specific discipline, opportunities to assist fellow students, and eligibility for CRLA tutoring certification. If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please complete the peer tutor application.

 Work-Study Student Assistants

The LRC hires a handful of student assistants every year through the federal work-study program; assistants help with general logistics, reception, and clerical work. These are not peer tutoring positions; however, these positions provide considerable support for the tutoring endeavor. If you are interested in being a student assistant in the LRC, please complete the work-study student assistant application.

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Center Instructors

The LRC extends opportunities to college faculty during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. Typical assignments are 10 percent loads. The LRC is especially keen to recruit faculty in the areas of math, statistics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, business, and art history. Faculty possessing the credentials in at least two subject areas are preferred. If you are interested in being a center instructor, please complete the center instructor application.

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Volunteer Tutors

The LRC extends tutoring opportunities to community volunteers. We are especially keen to recruit for tutors in the areas of math, statistics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, business, accounting, art history, and Spanish. If you are interested in being volunteer tutor, please complete the volunteer tutor application.

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Cesar E. Chavez Library 

Schedule Information

Fall 2019 Hours

September 3 - December 19

LRC, Labs, & Tutoring 

Mondays – Thursdays
8:30am - 7pm
8:30am - 2pm

LRC, Labs & Tutoring are closed on the weekends and on school holidays.


1st Floor of Library/LRC Building

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