Zero Textbook Cost Courses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Zero Textbook Cost Courses

In an effort to make textbooks more accessible to students and to reduce educational costs, San Jose City College (SJCC) offers zero-textbook-cost (ZTC) courses. A ZTC course constitutes one of the following: 

    • Zero-textbook-cost logoa course that does not require a textbook​
    • a course that lists its textbook as optional
    • a course that makes its textbook available to students free of charge, through lending services or electronic book (e-book) databases
    • a course that uses a free, open educational resource (OER) textbook
    • a course that makes all required readings available for free, via websites or online databases​.

Students who take ZTC courses are not required to pay fees to access software platforms or homework sites. However, students may be asked to purchase lab materials and supplies. 

All of the courses offered through the Milpitas Extension​ are ZTC, as are all ESL non-credit courses and Summer Bridge​ courses.​​

For more information about ZTC courses and open educational resources (OER), contact the Dean of Library, Learning Resources & Distance Education, Dr. Susan Hines (​). SJCC publishes its ZTC offerings in compliance with Senate Bill No. 1359​.​​​​
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