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The Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOP&S) is funded by the State and assists low-income, members of our community to achieve their educational goals. California Code of Regulations (Title 5).

To be eligible students must be:  

  • Complete the EOPS Orientation.  This is a self-paced orientation video.
  • Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC): After completing the orientation video, proceed to signing the MRC. Once the MRC is signed, we will contact you to schedule an appointment with a counselor 
  • Complete an Educational Plan: Every new EOPS student must complete a comprehensive educational plan.  We will schedule you to meet with a counselor to complete this final step.  This is typically a 1.5-2 hour appointment, so plan accordingly.  If you are in another program and already completed a plan, please send us a copy.

If your are not able to continue your educational with us, please complete the transfer form so we can provide the next community college you information so the next community college EOPS office can continue supporting you in your educational journey (EOPS CC Transfer Form).   

A student who has met the eligibility requirements shall remain eligible until the student has:


  • Completed 70-degree applicable credit units or
  • Completed consecutively six-semester terms or
  • Failed to meet the terms, conditions, and follow-up provisions of the student education plan and/or the EOP&S mutual responsibility contract.   


For additional information, see Limitations on Eligibility (Sect. 56226).

Email us if you are an EOP&S student and you need to get a copy of your educational plan. We will provide you with a copy of your educational plan within 24 hours. If your educational plan is older than a year, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our counselors to update the Plan. To make an appointment, please call 408.288.3788. 


The mission of the San José City College EOP&S / CARE is to support our students in achieving their academic and personal goals by establishing "over and above" support services and programs for income and educationally eligible students.  

To this end, the EOP&S / CARE staff commits to the following actions:

  • To eliminate barriers and ensure access to post-secondary education for all eligible students.

  • To positively affect student self-concept, self-esteem, and self-advocacy.

  • To facilitate the successful completion of student educational goals and objectives.

  • To facilitate the transfer and career placement of students.

  • To provide personal accessible services.


EOP&S Services

EOP&S offers eligible students the following services:

EOP&S Students get access to classes 2-3 days before everyone else on campus to ensure you get the classes you need. Click here for more information.

Vouchers help offset the cost of books. They can be used to purchase or rent a new or used book.   

The lending library has hundreds of textbooks as well as equipment (laptops, graphing calculators) you can borrow.  

We will guide you to ensure you take the classes you need to meet your goal and take the right classes in the right order. 

 It’s a struggle sometimes.  You’re not alone.    

Counselors help you navigate the various pathways and guide you in the path of your choice. 

Learn the skills you need to get to the top! 

EOPS proudly celebrates their students' accomplishments by providing access to graduation and many of its events by purchasing your cap and gown package.

EOPS has ongoing university visits to give you the opportunity to explore four-year schools in and outside the area.

Our counselors will guide your in the transfer path to help a smooth transition on to your next educational journey.

Apply to the UC / CSU of your choice (up to 5) without worrying about the cost of the application.



  • REMEMBER to regularly check-in with your counselor and keep your 3 appointments during the semester in order to stay in good standings in the program. Per College Regulations , only students who have complied with the vaccination policy have access to in-person services.  Virtual (Zoom) appointments are still available.




Office Hours


Student Center, SC-201, 2nd Floor

Monday-Friday:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Counselors available after 5:00 pm  only by appointment

Virtual Office















A young man was walking along the street with only a nickel in his pocket, feeling very poor indeed. He was quite depressed about his situation. He picked up a couple of nails which he found on the ground, twisted them together, and put them in his pocket. 

The nails and the nickel jangled together, making a pleasant noise as the young man continued on his way. It was almost as if he had more money than before. He began to feel more hopeful about his situation and his attitude changed enough for him to begin trying to improve his position in life.