Positive Economic Impact of Immigrant Population
San Jose City College

February 21, 2017

New Data Shows the Positive Economic Impact of Immigrant Population in Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE, CA — New research on the contributions of immigrants in Silicon Valley highlights both their importance to local economies and the critical need for effective immigration reform.

Spearheaded by New American Economy (NAE) and City of San José, Map the Impact is a campaign to highlight the power of immigrants in communities across the country.  With 51 events in 37 states, this effort arms business, civic, and cultural leaders with new data on immigrant populations in all 435 congressional districts and 50 metro areas.

Map the Impact features an interactive map that includes state- and sector-specific data, and it quantifies every locality’s foreign-born population and their total tax contributions, spending power, home ownership, and voting power.

Map the Impact shows in San José Metro Area that:

● There are 729,043 foreign-born residents who make up 37.4 percent of the area’s population.
● Immigrants paid $11.4 billion in state and local taxes and had $25.9 billion in spending power in 2014.
● Immigrants are 3.9 percent more likely to be entrepreneurs than the native-born population, and there are 39,938 immigrant entrepreneurs in the San José Metro Area.
● Immigrants own 153,802 homes and help to build the area・s housing wealth.
● Immigrants make up 59.3 percent of the manufacturing industry, 55.4 percent of the professional, scientific, and technical services industry, and 51 percent of the construction industry.

"Since our city’s founding hundreds of years ago, San José has been a community where diverse people of different backgrounds and beliefs come together to work towards a common future," said San José Mayor Sam Liccardo. "And to this day, our immigrant neighbors enrich our culture, spur our innovation, and reinvigorate our collective passion for freedom."  

"We are stronger in Silicon Valley because of immigrants like Andy Grove, Sergei Brin, and Omid Kordestani. There is no doubt we need to reform the abuses of the H1B system. But we should remember that the vast majority of immigrants contribute an immense amount to our economy and innovation."    Congressman Ro Khanna

"Information is power, and the Map the Impact campaign by New American Economy (NAE) and the City of San José is a timely effort based in critical information," said Derrick Seaver, Executive Vice President of The Silicon Valley Organization. "It’s often repeated that immigrants are a vital part of Silicon Valley’s economy, but when backed up by these important impact statistics it becomes far more than a talking point. First generation Americans and their families power the Silicon Valley innovation economy, and that economy powers the nation."

"For generations, our nation's greatest competitive advantage has been our ability to attract the best and brightest to our shores. Today's research reaffirms what we've New Data Shows the Positive Economic Impact of 3-3-3 Immigrant Population in Silicon Valley known for many years: Immigration helps America compete globally. We urge Congress to pass policies that helps us welcome new talent so we can grow the economy, create jobs for native-born American workers and help the United States remain globally competitive."FWD.us President Todd Schulte

   "America’s identity and in many ways, its uniqueness, have been built off of a steady and constant wave of immigration. Government officials and lawmakers should note that there are many misunderstandings coupled with complex bureaucratic challenges regarding the process of achieving citizenship in the U.S. that deserve immediate attention. In addition, immigration reform will need to be based on a ‘factual’ reality rather than on fears that have been generated by the recent slanderous anti-immigration narrative." — Dr. Byron D. Clift Breland, President San Jose City College

At the congressional district level, Map the Impact shows that in District 17:

● There are 335,552 foreign-born residents who make up 46 percent of the area’s population.
● Immigrants paid $5.0B in state and local taxes and held $14B in spending power in 2014.
● There are 9,847 immigrant entrepreneurs in District 17.
● Immigrants own 70,717 homes and help to build the area’s housing wealth.
● Immigrants make up 69.5 percent of the manufacturing industry, 66.9 percent of the professional, scientific, management, administrative industry, and 64.5 percent of the information industry, and more.

Visit Map the Impact for congressional district 18 and 19 and state information that will help leaders grasp the influence of immigrants in America.

More information can be found at www.NewAmericanEconomy.org
### New Data Shows the Positive Economic Impact of 4-4-4 Immigrant Population in Silicon Valley
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