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Hand Spraying Ceramic

Welcome to Art Department

You can choose from many different courses and/or degree programs in Art.


You can choose from many courses and degree programs in Art. Classes in drawing, painting, and ceramics allow you to express yourself in works you will enjoy for years. You can explore Art History while fulfilling general education requirements and learning about expressive techniques from various historical eras. You can join the digital wave with introductory digital media and design courses. Explore, create, and express with SJCC Arts.

For more information on Art Degrees & Certificates:  ART DEGREES & CERTIFICATES


Art Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize the broader vocabulary of art and design as well as discipline-specific terminology in the objective and subjective analysis of artworks.

  • Build competency in technical skills and concepts.

  • Establish a creative practice which includes problem solving skills.

  • Recognize major artists and historical/cultural trends and styles.

  • Demonstrate engagement, participation, and civility in the classroom/studio setting.

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Department Contact

  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Division
  • 408-288-3785