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Dance Students

Move Brilliantly

Through dance education and performance you will learn new awareness of many personal and cultural issues. Through human movement and dance tradition, you will gain perspective on understanding diversity and change in our society.  


Dance is a universal language used to communicate openly and freely with all people. With concerts, technique classes, and courses in choreography and dance appreciation you will have opportunities to experience Dance at San Jose City College regardless of your prior experience or ability.  Choose from courses that meet your General Education requirements, dance with enthusiastic professionals in a style of your choice, or even work towards a career in Dance!



DANCE 02 Dance Appreciation


Dance 09-Ballet, Fundamentals

Dance 10-Ballet, Beginning

Dance 11-Ballet, Intermediate

Dance 11B-Ballet, High Intermediate

Dance 11C-Ballet, Advanced

Dance 19-Jazz Dance, Fundamentals

Dance 20-Jazz Dance, Beginning

Dance 21-Jazz Dance, Intermediate

Dance 21B-Jazz Dance, High-Intermediate                                               

Dance 23B-Hip-Hop, Beginning

Dance 23C-Hip-Hop, Intermediate                                               

Dance 40A-Tap Dance, Fundamentals

Dance 40B-Tap Dance, Beginning

Dance 40C-Tap Dance, Intermediate                                               

Dance 49-Modern Dance, Fundamentals

Dance 50-Modern Dance, Beginning

Dance 51-Modern Dance, Intermediate

Dance 51B-Modern Dance, High-Intermediate

Dance 64-Ballroom Dance

Dance 65-Ballroom Dance, Intermediate

Dance 66-Intermediate Ballroom Dance-Latin

Dance 67-Intermediate Ballroom Dance-Swing 

Dance 62-Mexican Folkloric Dance

Dance 63-Mexican Folkloric Dance, Intermediate


Dance 32-Choreography

Dance 34A-Choreography Workshop-Large Group

Dance 34B-Choreography Workshop-Small Group

Dance 34C-Choregraphy Workshop-Solo/Duet          

Dance 14A-Rehearsal and Performance-Modern

Dance 14B-Rehearsal and Performance -Jazz

Dance 14C-Rehearsal and Performance -Hip Hop

Dance 14D-Rehearsal and Performance -Tap

Dance 14E-Rehearsal and Performance -Ballroom

Dance 14F-Rehearsal and Performance -Ballet

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Dance Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss dance aesthetically and compositionally as an expression of self and culture.
  • Critically compare various dance genres on the basis of movement and historical context.
  • Apply proper posture, alignment, body organizations, vocabulary, and performance quality to a variety of dance techniques.
  • Perform original dance choreography in class or for live public  performances.
  • Create dance choreography using the principles of composition. Demonstrate proper dance and theater etiquette as a student, performer or audience member.